This nice photo of Matt Grant is a promotional shot from The Bachelor. The guy is the man, what can we say.
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Presumably, Matt Grant is named Matthew... but he goes by Matt. The British star of The Bachelor sure is handsome and charming... it will be interesting to see what woman he picks when the competition really gets fierce.
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Matt Grant and The Bachelor women make chit-chat on the season premiere of the 12th season of the hit reality show. Check out the one in the middle. Oooooga.
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Stacey Elza gave Matt Grant her panties. Literally. Although they did not literally come off her body. Needless to say, she was eliminated on The Bachelor.
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A nice Matt Grant photo... get to know him. He's going to be The Bachelor. Get used to it. Matt Grant is H-O-T.
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A Matt Grant photo like this will make all the girls swoon. Or at least the ones who watch The Bachelor. Right, ladies?
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On the season finale of The Bachelor, Matt Grant proposed to the amazing Shayne Lamas... but not before he told Chelsea to take a hike. She didn't see it coming.
Rating: 3.7 / 5.0
On the season finale of The Bachelor, Shayne Lamas and Matt Grant celebrate her winning. Somehow she charmed the pants off this fancy Englishman.
Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

Matt Grant Biography

Matt Grant Bachelor Picture
Matt Grant is the most recent star of The Bachelor, and from the very beginning, he was excited to take center stage and mack on all... More »
Hertfordshire, England
Full Name
Matthew Christian Grant

Matt Grant Quotes

I know when I look in those beautiful brown eyes that you'll always be there for me and I hope that you know that I'll always be there for you. "Shayne, I love you and I have something for you. Monkey, will you marry me?

Matt Grant

We sit down together and just laugh off all the ridiculous stories that get thrown our way. All things considered we are doing really well.

Matt Grant