Matt Damon does a great job avoiding the paparazzi. But they got a shot of him with his wife at the world premiere of The Informant!
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Matt Damon looks handsome as ever in the new issue of GQ. Seriously. Wow.
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Cuteness alert! Matt Damon is seen here with his wife.
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If Matt Damon isn't the most popular actor alive, he's gotta be in the top five. Who doesn't love the guy?!?
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Matt Damon for President? Nah. Matt Damon for one of the classiest, most talented actors in Hollywood? Oh yes!
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Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso have renewed their vows. They've been married almost eight years!
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Matt Damon has gone bald for a movie role. We sort of like this look on the actor.
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Matt Damon outside the Ed Sullivan Theatre before appearing on with David Letterman. It is well-known that Matt is from Boston and a huge Red Sox fan.
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