Thank you, Esquire! That magazine is responsible for this amazing photo of Mary-Louise Parker wearing nothing but an apron.
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Why do men hate working in the kitchen so much? Based on this Mary-Louise Parker photo, that's the place to be!
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That would be a nude Mary-Louise Parker, reclining on one lucky piece of furniture. Oh goodness, what a beautiful woman.
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Mary-Louise Parker is so good-looking, we can't even believe she is 45. But then again, that is just part of her appeal.
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Mary-Louise Parker is a favorite of The Hollywood Gossip. She's so funny and talented and proves how beautiful you can still be at the relatively advanced age of 44.
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Mary-Louise Parker denies threatening to kill an antique store owner. We would hope so.
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Mary-Louise Parker is gorgeous, and funny, and talented. Talk about a tri-fecta. Oh, and she often poses nude. Gulp!
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Come back to television, Mary Louise Parker! We miss seeing you naked on Weeds.
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Mary-Louise Parker Biography

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Mary-Louise Parker is a lovely actress that has made the biggest name for herself on the show Weeds. We became fans of hers during her... More »
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Mary-Louise Parker