Marisa Miller poses nude in a bikini ... made of body paint! You're welcome fellas.
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We can't get enough of Marisa Miller posing without any clothes on. She's most likely the best looking woman on the planet.
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A topless Marisa Miller is a good thing. As good as Marisa Miller naked? Not quite. About half as good to be exact.
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It's true! She's buck naked! Marisa Miller is showing her true colors (a Sacramento Kings fan), but it's painted on! Good ol' Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue always comes through.
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Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Marisa Miller shows off one of the hottest bodies in the celebrity world, if not the entire world. Honestly. Marisa Miller may be the best, bar none.
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We wish we could see more, but here is a photo of Marisa Miller nude. She's the cover model for the 2008 edition of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.
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Marisa Miller poses - in lingerie!!! - for Maxim. The super model is setting a new standard in hotness.
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Marisa Miller is photographed here for Maxim. It's an interesting shot, one that combined black lingerie with pink flowers. We're digging it.
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Does it get better than this? We doubt it. Alessandra Ambrosio and Marisa Miller and Miranda Kerr, at a fashion show. Hot dizzity damn.
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GQ features a slew of Victoria's Secret models in its Summer 2008 issue, and you won't see us complaining about it, we promise.
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A nude Marisa Miller uses an iPod in a new, incredibly sexy way. The 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model is pretty much as good looking as they come. Wouldn't you agree? If not, are you on drugs?!
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In a photo from her 2009 calendar, Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller makes us want to take a vacation. With her. Or at least the swimsuit issue.
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Marisa Miller Nude Marisa Miller is a super, duper model. She's best known for wearing nothing but body paint during shoots for the Sports Illustrated... More »
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