In a photo from her 2009 calendar, Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller looks hot in a bikini. Which is pretty much what Marisa Miller is known for.
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We love summer. The number-one reason? Beauties such as Marisa Miller pose like this in magazine.
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Marisa Miller wears a tiny bikini in this photograph. It's courtesy of Esquire and we're forever in that magazine's debt.
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In a photo from her 2009 calendar, Sports Illustrated model Marisa Miller makes us want to take a vacation. With her. Or at least the swimsuit issue.
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A nude Marisa Miller uses an iPod in a new, incredibly sexy way. The 2008 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model is pretty much as good looking as they come. Wouldn't you agree? If not, are you on drugs?!
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A topless Marisa Miller is a good thing. As good as Marisa Miller naked? Not quite. About half as good to be exact.
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God bless Victoria and her Secret. This company has sponsored a Marisa Miller bikini photo shoot.
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Wow. Marisa Miller nude, and apparently in the bathtub. You're welcome guys. We're sure this has made your day. Not as much as if you were in that tub as well, but come on, it's Marisa Miller nude. That's never gonna be an option for you. Accept this as the next best thing and enjoy.
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Marisa Miller is a super, duper model. She's best known for wearing nothing but body paint during shoots for the Sports Illustrated... More »
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