Lydia Hearst looks hot in GQ. Or at least half-naked. One wonders why you even wear a bra if you can see through the thing. Weird.
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There you have it. Lydia Hearst posing nude in GQ Italy. That's about all we have to say.
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Does it get any better than Lydia Hearst naked? Actually yes. A lot better, at times. But here is Lydia Hearst posing nude in GQ Italy. Take it or leave it.
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A nice picture of Lydia Hearst topless in the pages of GQ Italy. Try to contain yourselves, guys. Seriously, try to cool it.
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There you go. Lydia Hearst posing nude in GQ Italy. She's fairly attractive and definitely naked.
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Lydia Hearst poses topless on the cover of GQ Italy. Who knew there was such a market for Lydia Hearst photos sans clothes.
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Kevin Connolly and Lydia Hearst dated for about one years. But they split in the spring of 2014.
Rating: Unrated
Lydia Hearst and Chris Hardwick look pretty happy in this photo, don't they? The couple got engaged in September of 2015.
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Lydia Hearst-Shaw is the daughter of kidnapping victim Patricia "Patty" Hearst and her husband, and former bodyguard, Bernard... More »
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