British hotties Lucy Pinder and Michelle Marsh get cozy in this hot photo taken from Nuts magazine. We didn't know there was a Nuts magazine until recently, to be perfectly honest. But with pics like this, we're pretty happy to learn about it. You? HEY! Pay attention.
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Here's something you rarely see: Lucy Pinder nude! In Nuts magazine, no less! What a unique occurrence. Not!
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Lucy Pinder would make a great pope. Don't you agree?
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Here's another picture of Lucy Pinder from February 2008's Maxim photo shoot. The model is actually wearing more than usual in this image.
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A nude photo of Lucy Pinder appears in the latest Ralph magazine. We'd tell you to pick up a copy, but have no idea where to find this publication.
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Merry Christmas, from a naked Lucy Pinder! The topless model is posing - without a shirt on, of course - on the cover of Nuts magazine.
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Katie Price and Lucy Pinder seem to be very close. Always nice to have close friends in life, isn't it?
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Lucy Pinder nude! Michelle Marsh nude! Nuts magazine has done it again, folks.
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Lucy Pinder at the launch of the 2014 Pur Car Rally at the Millennium Mayfair Hotel
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Look at Lucy Pinder. Nude, with only her hands covering her enormous breasts. It's a sight to behold. One we're more than happy to share with all of you. We love Lucy Pinder. Naked, in particular.
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Here's Lucy Pinder naked from the pages of Ralph magazine. Yes, apparently that's a real publication.
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Lucy Pinder will appear in the February issue of Maxim. This British lingerie model will soon have a name in the States as large as her boobs.
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Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh
Lucy Pinder has enormous breasts. That's pretty much all the British model has to offer, but it's also all you really need to be famous... More »
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