Lindsey Vonn is hot stuff. And good at skiing, sure ... but HOT STUFF!
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Lindsey Vonn is more than a world champion skier. She's a certified beauty, as well.
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Yes, Lindsey Vonn can ski very well. But maybe her future is in modeling.
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Ready to get up close and very personal with Lindsey Vonn? She's easily our favorite Olympian.
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We approve of Lindsey Vonn's beauty. This bathing suit? Not so much.
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On looks alone, Lindsey Vonn is very pretty. But this ugly bathing suit sort of ruins it for us.
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This photo of Lindsey Vonn was featured in The New York Times. That newspaper ran an in-depth article on the skier.
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Prior to the Winter Olympics, Lindsey Vonn lay back and took a break. We're lucky enough to get a glimpse at her doing just that.
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Lindsey Vonn Biography

Lindsey Vonn Pic
Lindsey Vonn is a workd championship skier. She is the first American woman to win back-to-back overall World Cup championships, feats... More »
Saint Paul, Minnesota
Full Name
Lindsey Vonn