We half expect Lindsay Lohan to skip bail and flee the country July 20. Oh, that would be the greatest thing ...
Lindsay Lohan seems in good spirits despite her date with jail. What a waste of space, maybe she will get it together in there.
Wonder what that says. Probably lots of obscene messages directed at everyone else whose fault her problems are. Loser.
This is how Lindsay Lohan rolls. In long pants. Because of the whole ankle monitor thing. Hilarious.
Lindsay Lohan is a smoker. That could be an issue in jail. They don't allow cigarettes. Girl is basically SOL.
Lindsay Lohan whines about getting sentenced to jail for violating her probation. She totally deserved it, but what are you gonna do.
Lindsay Lohan cannot believe she's just been forced to face the music for blatantly disregarding the legal system. Funny how that works, no lawyer can get you off that many times.
Lindsay Lohan gets what she had coming to her - 90 days in the clink. The judge in her probation violation case is making an example out of her, and can you blame her?

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Lindsay Lohan is a troubled actress that hasn't starred in a mainstream movie in years. The star has been arrested for drug possession... More »
New York City
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Lindsay Dee Lohan

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Tell him he's f*cking amazing, and I want to meet him.

Lindsay Lohan [on Michael Phelps]

I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family.

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