Lindsay Lohan puts her Photoshop skills to the test in her latest selfie. Nice thong. And fake waist.
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Lindsay Lohan points a gun at her mouth. Considering her downward spiral in recent years, this is pretty disturbing.
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Lindsay Lohan filming Liz and Dick and falling out of her dress in L.A. Good times with Grant Bowler.
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The infamous Lindsay Lohan-Vanessa Minnillo knife pic. What a classic moment. These two clearly wanna make out and maybe stab each other.
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Some Instagram users have suggested that Lindsay has visible cocaine in her nostril here. Sadly, we wouldn't be surprised.
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This is not exactly Lindsay Lohan at her best. Then again, when was the last time we saw Lindsay Lohan at her best?
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Tyler Shields has done it again. By it, we mean photographed Lindsay Lohan covered in blood.
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Lindsay Lohan has always been a freak, some might say. Literally in this case, you can't deny it.
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A typical day at Lindsay Lohan's pad. At least when she's having her photo taken for Muse Magazine.
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Lindsay Lohan's ankle monitor makes for a really hot accessory.
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Lindsay Lohan flashes some side boob in Ibiza. The sad part is, she probably still thinks she looks really good.
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Lindsay Lohan blows. Hard. Seriously. Look at that never ending stream of smoke.
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Lindsay Lohan Biography

Lindsay Lohan Photo Lindsay Lohan is a troubled actress that hasn't starred in a mainstream movie in years. The star has been arrested for drug possession... More »
New York City
Full Name
Lindsay Dee Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Quotes

Tell him he's f*cking amazing, and I want to meet him.

Lindsay Lohan [on Michael Phelps]

I just want to live a happy, healthy year and continue on the path I've been on and be with the person I care about and my family.

Lindsay Lohan