It's a girl for Lily Allen! The singer became a second-time mother in early 2013.
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Lily posted this photo to Instagram. She's somehow both naked AND covered up.
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A sexy and hot and kind of weird Lily Allen picture from GQ. She is known for her singing as well as her partial nudity. Possibly more so.
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A pic of Lily Allen in the new issue of GQ UK. She's not all that hot, but hey, she's willing to get almost naked and she can sing. So she is a winner in our minds.
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A hot picture of Lily Allen in bed. No clue if some dude is going to town and is just cut off in the pic, or if she is just lying there. Thoughts? Anyone?
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We wish Lily Allen all the best. The singer suffered her second miscarriage in October of 2010.
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Are Sam Cooper and Lily Allen engaged? That's the rumor going around.
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A photo of Lily Allen topless in GQ can never be a bad thing. They may not necessarily be great things. Far from it, in fact. But you can't take away from them their good attributes. Like being bountiful.
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Yes, it's Lily Allen. The British singing sensation and cute. Lily Allen has some cool songs. She is also a tad nuts. But she entertains... More »
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