Lil Wayne at the Royal Wedding in April 2011. Making it rain, obvi.
Lil Wayne doing his thing.
Thanks for the Twit pic, Justin Bieber! This singer chills here with Lil Wayne during a break from recording his new album.
Justin Bieber and Lil Wayne are good pals. They congregate here in between skateboarding tricks, via a photo Justin Tweeted to followers.
Lil Wayne and his girlfriend Dhea. They are supposedly quasi-married or something.
Lil Wayne. What a thug. Young Money 4 lyfe.
Lil Wayne is a character, that's for sure. Soon MTV will strip him down.
Lil Wayne performs here in Long Island, New York. The rapper is more popular than ever following his stint in prison.

Lil Wayne Biography

Lil Wayne Mug Shot (Reloaded)
Lil Wayne is a dude who started off relatively unknown outside the hip-hop world, but his profile has grown as he's gotten arrested a few... More »
New Orleans, Louisiana
Full Name
Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.

Lil Wayne Quotes

Lil Wayne: I don't do too many [drugs]. I just smoke weed and drink. But I'll never fuck with no more coke. It's not about the bad high; it's just about the acne: Cocaine makes your face break out. I'm a pretty boy.

The world is about to end in 2012… ’cause the Mayans made calendars, and they stop at 2012. I got encyclopedias on the bus. The world is about to end as we know it. You can see it already. A planet doesn't exist - there's no more Pluto. Planes are flying into buildings - and not just the Twin Towers. Mosquitos bite you and you die. And a black man and a woman are running for president.

Lil Wayne