Fresh off a stint in jail, Lil Kim has let it all hang out on Dancing with the Stars. Her partner is Derek Hough.
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Lil Kim was sent home at least a week too early on Dancing with the Stars. She should have lasted until the final four couples.
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Lil Kim's face is looking pretty different these days. Just saying.
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Lil Kim at the 2006 VMAs. She not only had hosting duties but she also just served 10 months in jail.
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Lil Kim dedicated her Dancing with the Stars performance to the women at the "federal detention center." That's always nice.
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Lil Kim is a bad girl. Lil Kim went to the big house, in fact.
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Lil Kim and Derek Hough made it to the final five on Dancing with the Stars. They were then eliminated in a surprise round of fan voting.
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This is a photo of Mr. Papers and Lil Kim on Instagram. The former says he knocked up the latter.
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Never a conservative dresser, Lil Kim does her thing here at the MTV Video Music Awards. Do you like her outfit?
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Lil Kim at the Betsey Johnson fashion show. What on Earth is she wearing?
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Way to go, Lil Kim! The rapper became a mother - of a daughter named Royal Reign - in June 2014.
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Lil Kim has left fans baffled with these photos. What's up with the blonde hair and seemingly white skin?!?
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