The young Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes will forever be the Romeo and Juliet of an entire generation. The story might not have a happy ending, but those two make the film worth it.
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Leo has certainly packed on the pounds. Start hitting those crunches, dude!
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Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role in Inception. The movie has earned incredible reviews.
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We haven't seen the last of Titanic. It will be re-released in April 2012.
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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of Us. Gotta love this possible couple.
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively on a yacht in France. Wasn't a one-shot deal, apparently - they're goin' to Disneyland!
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Leonardo DiCaprio on the set of his new movie. Bad. Ass.
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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio? That's what's going on here! They may be dating!
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Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

I thought I'd be a marine biologist, because nature and evolution fascinated me... We're all after love, aren't we? Love is what people are hungry for. That's absolutely why I became an actor.

Leonardi DiCaprio

I hope I never get cynical. I think you need youthful energy, excitement, and optimism in life. There is a lot I want to do, and the more cynical you become, the more you sit on your butt and do nothing.

Leonardo DiCaprio