YES! After Leonardo DiCaprio won Best Actor at the SAG Awards in 2016, he received a huge hug from Kate Winslet.
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Leo has certainly packed on the pounds. Start hitting those crunches, dude!
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Lady Gaga makes her way to the stage here after winning her first-ever Golden Globe Award. Check out the reaction of Leonardo DiCaprio after she gives him a bump.
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Leonardo DiCaprio is once again the trim heartthrob you know and love. The actor recently dropped an estimated 40 pounds that he had gained for his role in the upcoming film The Revenant.
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The young Leonardo DiCaprio and Claire Danes will forever be the Romeo and Juliet of an entire generation. The story might not have a happy ending, but those two make the film worth it.
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Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively on a yacht in France. Wasn't a one-shot deal, apparently - they're goin' to Disneyland!
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Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio on the cover of Us. Gotta love this possible couple.
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Leonardo DiCaprio plays the lead role in Inception. The movie has earned incredible reviews.
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This just in: Leonardo DiCaprio is REALLY good looking. Ogle away, ladies.
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This is Kendal Schuler. She is the latest model to be linked to Leonardo DiCaprio. She will not be the last.
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We haven't seen the last of Titanic. It will be re-released in April 2012.
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Leo DiCaprio is the man.
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Leonardo DiCaprio Quotes

I thought I'd be a marine biologist, because nature and evolution fascinated me... We're all after love, aren't we? Love is what people are hungry for. That's absolutely why I became an actor.

Leonardi DiCaprio

I hope I never get cynical. I think you need youthful energy, excitement, and optimism in life. There is a lot I want to do, and the more cynical you become, the more you sit on your butt and do nothing.

Leonardo DiCaprio