Leah Messer has been gushing about her daughters a LOT on social media. Is she also throwing subtle shade at Jeremy Calvert?
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Leah Messer shared a photo of daughter Ali's destroyed wheelchair after a United flight.
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Leah Messer posted a photo of her daughter, and some fans are interpreting it as part of her effort to get back together with Jeremy Calvert. The fans REALLY want this reconciliation to happen.
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Leah Messer is currently on vacation with her kids. Unfortunately, she can't take a vacation from getting criticized on social media.
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Leah Messer and Jeremy Calvert are on the rocks, again. Supposedly it's all but over.
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"Mascara, lipstick, and a Norvell Organic Spray tan! I love it, and I sure don't miss those tanning beds either!" Messer wrote. "FYI: My spray tan will be much lighter after I shower!"
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Leah Messer and her mom, Dawn had a girls night out in August 2016. Messer is coming under fire for looking too skinny these days, something she hasn't yet addressed.
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Leah Messer posted a bikini photo on Instagram over the weekend. Naturally, many fans saw it as an opportunity to criticize the troubled reality star.
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Leah Messer is currently on vacation with her kids. The family is staying at Great Wolf Lodge in Garden Grove, CA.
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Leah Messer looks messier than ever in this screen shot from Teen Mom 2.
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Is it all over for Leah Messer and Corey Simms? Apparently, according to this unreliable tabloid!
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Corey Simms and Leah Messer on the cover of Us Weekly in March 2011. Happy wedding photos abound.
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