Lea Michele is looking hot in this photograph. Not pregnant, by any means. Purely hot.
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Looking VERY good, Lea Michele! The Glee actress poses here for an edition of Cosmo.
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Lea Michele poses here for Candie's. The Glee actress looked VERY sexy while doing it, too.
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Lea Michele and Cory Monteith pose here on the red carpet. The photo is especially sad these days after the latter's passing.
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Glee did not pick up any major 2011 SAG Awards. But Lea Michele still looked gorgeous on the red carpet.
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Lea Michele graces the Teen Choice Awards red carpet in this photo. She doesn't look too shabby, does she?
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Lea Michele smiles here for the camera on the red carpet of an event. We're big fans of the actress.
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ASOS is an online fashion magazine. It featured Glee star Lea Michele in this photo.
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Lea Michele Biography

Michele for New Moon
Lea Michele is an incredibly talented young actress. She stars on the Fox hit Glee. Michele is best known for her work on Broadway. She... More »
Bronx, New York
Full Name
Lea Michele Sarfati