Lauren Bosworth is now 23 years old. She celebrated the occasion with a base at Mi-6 nightclub.
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Lauren "Lo" Bosworth marks the 50th anniversary of Barbie in March 2009.
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That's what Bayer wants you to think when you see Lo Bosworth, the spokesperson for the brand's new product Yaz.
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It was a very good decade for stars of The Hills. Lauren Conrad, Lauren Bosworth and Stephanie Pratt bid farewell to 2009 in this picture.
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Well, at least the photographer did. If you know what we're saying.
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Lo Bosworth and Lauren Conrad go for a walk. Lo's first name is Lauren too!
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The Hills stars film in Hawaii on the beach. Luckies.
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Lauren Bosworth waves to fans as she enters Mi-6 nightclub for her 23rd birthday party. Yes, apparently she has fans.
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Lauren Bosworth Biography

Lauren Conrad and Lo Bosworth Filming The Hills Lauren Bosworth, best known as Lo, became famous on Laguna Beach. She is great friends with Lauren Conrad, and moved in with her former... More »
Laguna Beach, California
Full Name
Lauren Ogilvie Bosworth

Lauren Bosworth Quotes

That melts my little black heart!

Lauren Bosworth [on Lauren Conrad and Stephen Colletti hanging out again]

Brody's girlfriend is pretty. With very large breasts.

Lauren Bosworth [on Cora Skinner]