Lake Bell teases the camera. The actress took it all off for a spread in Esquire magazine.
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A hot picture of Lake Bell shot by Scott Caan. Not a bad job, Scott Caan. Way to pick out that particular outfit.
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This is an awesome picture of Lake Bell nude. Thank you Scott Caan for bringing this to our attention.
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Holy hotness! Lake Bell is gorgeous. This fairly unknown actress proves as much in this GQ photo shoot. Look out, Megan Fox, you have competition!
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A great picture of Lake Bell naked shot by the great photographer Scott Caan. Okay, great is a huge stretch, but if he takes more pictures like this, it may not be for long!
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Lake Bell nude... in what appears to be a lake. Now that's as poetic as it gets, people. You've gotta love a naked Lake Bell anytime, but particularly in this pic.
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Always a fan favorite, Lake Bell poses for the camera.
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Lake Bell is very much naked on the cover of New York Magazine. She's looking good!
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Lake Bell topless for Esquire magazine. Looks good to us!
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Lake Bell strips down for Esquire. We think she's on her way to a household name.
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Lake Bell bares all for Esquire. We hope to see more of the actress in the future.
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Lake Bell. She is very pretty and now engaged.
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Lake Bell is a not-very-well-known actress who used to be on Boston Legal as well as Surface and some movies. She used to go out with... More »
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