Lady Gaga leaves her home in New York City in this photograph. The singer is all smiles!
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A hot picture of Lady Gaga nude in Rolling Stone. As if the magazine hadn't jumped the shark hard enough as it were. Then again, at least she's actually a musician (albeit with the term used loosely).
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Wow. Lady Gaga makes you want to join a convent, if you know what we're saying. We're saying if nuns dressed like this ... you know what, forget it.
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Lady Gaga with green hair is a sight to behold. One she feels Katy Perry is aping.
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Lady Gaga is a terrific talent and a dynamic performer. We've always been big fans and don't see that changing anytime soon!
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Before Lady Gaga performed at the 2015 Academy Awards, she wore this on the red carpet of the annual event.
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One of the better celebrity Twerk GIFs you'll ever see, from Lady Gaga herself.
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Lady Gaga having sex in her video for "You and I." Provocative imagery as always from the star.
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Lady GaGa is a musician songwriter, penning songs for pop acts such as the Pussycat Dolls. Lady GaGa is an up and coming solo artist,... More »
New York, New York
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Joanne Stefani Germanotta