Lady Gaga got into the patriotic spirit at Super Bowl 50. This is a photo of her singing the national anthem.
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Lady Gaga is a terrific talent and a dynamic performer. We've always been big fans and don't see that changing anytime soon!
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Lady Gaga won the Golden Globe Award for her role as the Countess on American Horror Story: Hotel.
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Lady Gaga stands here proudly with her Golden Globe. She won it for playing a role on American Horror Story: Hotel.
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Lady Gaga with green hair is a sight to behold. One she feels Katy Perry is aping.
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Lady Gaga makes her way to the stage here after winning her first-ever Golden Globe Award. Check out the reaction of Leonardo DiCaprio after she gives him a bump.
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Lady Gaga rocking the shell bikini like a BOSS. We love her more than ever.
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We certainly are. How can you not be with style like that?
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Adam Levine (allegedly) reduces Lady Gaga to an art teacher in a tweet regarding her music video for "Applause."
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Lady Gaga was taken by surprise when she won a Golden Globe Award for her portrayal in American Horror Story: Hotel.
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Lady Gaga lets a nip slip out hard on a plane. No way that wasn't intentional.
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Lady Gaga and Perez Hilton make their feelings for each other very clear on Twitter.
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Lady GaGa is a musician songwriter, penning songs for pop acts such as the Pussycat Dolls. Lady GaGa is an up and coming solo artist,... More »
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