Kristen Stewart suffers a nipple slip at the Hollywood Film Awards ... although it's unclear how accidental this was.
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Kristen Stewart in a great bikini photo. Well done Kristen.
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Kristen Stewart in a great bikini picture from back in the day. Love it.
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Kristen Stewart in a green bikini. What's not to love there?
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What the Elle? Isn't Kristen Stewart beautiful? The actress makes her case on the cover of this magazine.
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Kristen Stewart and James Gandolfini starred together in Welcome to the Rileys. This is a photo from the movie.
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Kristen Stewart relaxes in between shots on the New Moon set. It's nice to see her smiling for a change.
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This is a gorgeous image of Robert Pattinson kissing Kristen Stewart. Something he likely does a lot.
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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson were faced with screaming fans at Comic-Con 2009. Not exactly any surprise there.
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No, this is not a candid shot of Robert Pattinson laying a smooch on the forehead of Kristen Stewart. Instead, it's a photo of the pair at work, on set.
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Rupert Sanders is caught staring in this photo. The object of his apparent obsession? Kristen Stewart.
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Bella Swan becomes a vampire in Breaking Dawn. Craziness.
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Kristen Stewart Biography

Kristen Stewart Red Carpet Pose
Kristen Stewart is young, beautiful actress. She's making a huge name for herself by starring in the movie version of the best-selling... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Kristen Jaymes Stewart