Sorry, Danny Gokey. This walk to the stage, with Adam Lambert and Kris Allen, was your final one ever on American Idol.
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A basic photo of the American Idol finalists. Soon after this, Kris Allen was crowned champion.
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Say hello to the final five finalists on American Idol. They attempted the annual BritWeek prior to competing against one another.
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The ladies absolutely love Kris Allen. Here's a shot of him from country night on American Idol.
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Way to go, Adam Lambert, Allison Iraheta and Kris Allen. These are three finalists on season eight of American Idol.
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They may seem friendly in this photograph, but Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are the final two contestants on season eight of American Idol. We assume they're silently cursing one another.
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This is a pretty cool picture. Look how thrilled Kris Allen is to be named American Idol. And look how truly happy Adam Lambert looks to be for him.
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Pardon the smoke. But it was very cool to watch Kris Allen and Adam Lambert both rock out with Queen on "We Are the Champions."
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Kris Allen, American Idol Photo
Kris Allen won season eight of American Idol! Dude has major talent! The singer auditioned in Louisville, Kentucky originally, choosing... More »
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