Kim Zolciak posted this photo of her youngest daughter, Kaia Rose Biermann, along with a "joke" about the gash on her nose being from plastic surgery.
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Kim Zolciak is a Real Housewive on Bravo. She's also a really, really annoying person in real life.
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Kim Zolciak poses with daughter Brielle Biermann and Mario Lopez. The outfit she's wearing here has sparked quite a few rumors that she's pregnant again.
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Kim Zolciak-Biermann has never met a bikini selfie she did not want to snap. This one was taken in July of 2016.
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Yes, this is another Kim Zolciak selfie. But this Kim Zolciak selfie doesn't include an intimate look at her body.
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Kim Zolciak and daughter Brielle Biermann are besties (or twins?).
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Kim Zolciak looks like she's up to something in this photo from Don't Be Tardy, doesn't she?
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Kim Zolciak posted self portraits that were taken 14 years apart. She claims she hasn't had plastic surgery.
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We make fun of Kim Zolciak a lot because she deserves it. But she does seem to have a solid marriage to Kroy Biermann´╗┐
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Kim Zolciak joins the cast of 'Dancing With The Stars' to promote a new season on 'Good Morning America on September 2nd, 2015.
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Kim Zolciak has gotten topless to rally on behalf of gay rights. We're with her on the cause, at least.
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Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak-Biermann sit and chill in this scene from their terrible reality show, Don't Be Tardy.
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Kim Z.
Kim Zolciak is an outspoken cast member on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. She really doesn't get along with NeNe Leakes at all. She... More »
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