Kim Zolciak posted a photo of herself and her teenage daughters wearing bikinis. Not surprisingly, some of her social media followers found the pic to be in appropriate.
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Kim Zolciak is making a silly face in this selfie. Most of her self-portraits focus on her body.
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Kim Zolciak is accused of photoshopping her bikini photos as seen here. Do you think she did?
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Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann celebrate their four-year wedding anniversary in this photo. Beach and bikini style!
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Kim Zolciak loves to show off her cleavage. She included a hashtag with this photo that read "#BoughtAndPaidForThankYou."
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Kim Zolciak gets her body paint touched up in this Bravo still from her reality show. Yes, Kim Zolciak has a reality show.
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Kim Zolciak may be starring in her own Bravo spinoff. It's sort of unclear at the moment.
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Kim Zolciak posted this photo on Instagram and offered an update for fans following her heart surgery in the fall of 2015.
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Kim Zolciak shows off her thin waist and even thinner Photoshop talent level on social media. Nice elbow there, KZ!
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Kim Zolciak told fans via Instagram that she would be returning to Dancing With The Stars for the show's finale, after suffering a mini-stroke in September.
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Kim Zolciak has gotten topless to rally on behalf of gay rights. We're with her on the cause, at least.
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Kim Zolciak has given birth to six kids. That's hard to believe when you see this bikini photo.
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