Kim Kardashian is pregnant and betrayed, according to In Touch. What a great magazine.
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Kim Kardashian has totally been dumped by Kanye West. Too bad. We liked these kids together.
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Kim Kardashian is not engaged, nor has a wedding date of any kind been set. Still, Kris Humphries has managed to betray her. Impressive!
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Was Kris Humphries a good husband to Kim Kardashian? No, according to this Us Weekly cover.
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Look out, Halle Berry! Kim Kardashian is coming for your ex-man. And current child!
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Kim Kardashian is not pregnant. Yes, we know what this cover says. We also know the source.
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Kim Kardashian says she just can't do this. At least In Touch Weekly claims she says that.
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Oh my God! Kanye West may be gay! No wonder Kim Kardashian is freaking out.
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Why did Kim Kardashian leave Kris Humphries? She doesn't actually say in this supposedly exclusive interview.
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Is a tell-all on the way? Penned by the father of Kris Humphries?!? That's what this tabloid cover alleges?
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are totally, crazily in love. If you believe this tabloid cover story, that is.
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Don't call Kim Kardashian fat! It apparently makes her very upset.
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Kim Kardashian Biography

A Kim Kardashian Selfie
Kim Kardashian is the ex-girlfriend of Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush and Ray J. She had intercourse on camera with the former, which is what... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Kimberly Noel Kardashian

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So far, designing is the most exciting thing I’ve done... I have a vision of what I want [the clothes] to look like in my mind and it’s fun to see it come alive on paper.

Kim Kardashian

He just seemed very firm about the change, and that’s, like, his motto.

Kim Kardashian [on Barack Obama]