It's the wedding of the year! This tabloid covers gets us ready for Kim Kardashian' nuptials.
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This may be our favorite Kim Kardashian tabloid cover of all-time. It alleges that the reality star is faking her pregnancy.
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The Kardashians have been destroyed by greed. This is actually one tabloid cover story we believe.
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Scott Disick clearly is not releasing a tell-all about the Kardashians, for an obvious reason: these sisters already tell us everything! Whtat would he write?
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Is it really baby time for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries? Not if this cover story is trying to say she's pregnant?
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This is very exciting news: Kim Kardashian has adopted a baby! The story is clearly 100% true.
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Enough! Us Weekly makes this bold statement on this cover, claiming that the marriage between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are nearing divorce.
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Kim Kardashian totally planned her pregnancy! And she will make serious money off it, Star reports.
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No way Kim Kardashian is pregnant again.... right?!? Try telling that to this tabloid cover story!
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OMG! Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are both pregnant! And they've both been dumped! According to this hilarious cover story.
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The Kim Kardashian-Kanye West wedding is on hold, people! Will they ever make it down the aisle?
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Kim Kardashian is reportedly tortured by her very own body. That has to be kind of awkward.
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Kim Kardashian Biography

A Kim Kardashian Selfie
Kim Kardashian is the ex-girlfriend of Nick Cannon, Reggie Bush and Ray J. She had intercourse on camera with the former, which is what... More »
Los Angeles, California
Full Name
Kimberly Noel Kardashian

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He just seemed very firm about the change, and that’s, like, his motto.

Kim Kardashian [on Barack Obama]

So far, designing is the most exciting thing I’ve done... I have a vision of what I want [the clothes] to look like in my mind and it’s fun to see it come alive on paper.

Kim Kardashian