Kid Rock is not exactly one to hold back his opinions. The singer takes to the stage here in Las Vegas.
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Kid Rock is a proud native of Detroit. This is a man full of Michigan pride.
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Detroit native Kid Rock is always one to dress up for an occasion. Here at the 2005 World Music Awards he wore his hat.
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Kid Rock was arrested in a Waffle House brawl in October 2007. This is Kid Rock's mug shot. Classic.
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Kid Rock is all smiles on the red carpet at Carnegie Hall in New York City. Kid Rock was in attendance for a birthday gala.
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Kid Rock and Pamela Anderson holding a press conference. Jokingly, we would say it's a new announcement about their marriage but thankfully this was for a charity called Love Ride.
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Why wouldn't Kid Rock show up at the Guys Choice Awards? He got to look at many beautiful women there.
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Kid Rock's fan base is primarily middle and lower class, but Mr. Rock grew up quite wealthy. His father owned a chain of successful car dealerships in Michigan.
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Kid Rock performs here at Irving Plaza in New York City. The singer is a proud native of Detroit, Michigan.
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Kid Rock Biography

Kid Rock Mug Shot
Kid Rock was, for a good couple weeks, the husband of Pamela Anderson. He is a rock God. Not really. But a redneck hero just the same. At... More »
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