Kevin Federline checks his busy schedule during a round of golf. Might want to walk the next round, K. You won't drop any pounds in the cart.
Rating: 2.9 / 5.0
Kevin Federline is well fed. That is for sure. Dude is pushing two and a half bills at least.
Rating: 2.6 / 5.0
Kevin Federline lives large. Steak, lobster tails, booze and the finest weed imaginable. How else can a man put on such weight?
Rating: 2.6 / 5.0
Kevin Federline is in New Orleans for Britney Spears' first tour date. He has not been hurt by the recession one bit.
Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
Kevin Federline and Britney Spears back in the day. Not the good old days, just the day.
Rating: 2.5 / 5.0
Kevin Federline could use to drop a few pounds ... or a few dozen.
Rating: 1.9 / 5.0
Kevin Federline parties it up at his music video after-party at Pure Night Club in Las Vegas. Some pretty big name celebrities made an appearance such as, Cuba Gooding, Jr..
Rating: Unrated
Kevin Federline checking out his tattoos. Yep, they're still there.
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Kevin Federline Biography

Family Love!
Yo, it's Kevin Federline, yo. Werrrrrd. He's a deadbeat with no redeeming worth whatsoever, but yo, Federleezy is extremely fertile,... More »
Fresno, California
Full Name
Kevin Earl Federline