Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline are seen here walking with their luggage. K-Fed is also carrying around a spare tire if you follow.
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Kevin Federline celebrates his 31st birthday party in New York. This guy is the man.
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Kevin Federline is seriously fat. Good to see the recession is not causing him to scale back on his visits to Cut.
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Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince take a walk around the golf course. Or at least from the cart to the fifth tee.
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Kevin Federline has not been holding back when it comes to food lately. We're just sayin' ...
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Look at K-Fed. More like K-overfed, are we wrong?!
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Here's a great pic of Kevin Federline, a.k.a. K-Fed, doing what he does best - golfing. Note that he doesn't do anything well, so that may actually be correct what we just wrote.
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Kevin Federline looks a little thinner than usual! Even more shocking, Victoria Prince is still willing to date him!
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Kevin Federline Biography

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Yo, it's Kevin Federline, yo. Werrrrrd. He's a deadbeat with no redeeming worth whatsoever, but yo, Federleezy is extremely fertile,... More »
Fresno, California
Full Name
Kevin Earl Federline