Ke$ha lets it all hang out at the 2013 Billboard Music Awards. Or a lot of it, at least.
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Ke$ha in unafraid to mix up her look. In this case, she has glued gol studs to her scalp.
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Ke$ha has a unique style. That's putting it lightly.
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Ke$ha performed at the 2010 MTV Europe Music Awards and then posed with her trophy soon afterward. She was honored as the Best New Act at the ceremony.
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Kesha posted a topless photo during the VMAs. We'll take it over her questionable red carpet looks any day.
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Ke$ha didn't just rock a mohawk at the American Music Awards. She also studded her eyebrows. Take a look.
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Are you remotely surprised to see Ke$ha with a mohawk? Neither are we. It's up her eccentric alley.
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Only Ke$ha could pull this look off. A mohawk is almost par for the eccentric course when it comes to this singer.
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This photo speaks for itself. Ke$ha broke out a mohawk at a party in Hollywood sponsored by Us Weekly.
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Ke$ha has never really been one to conform. Along those lines, she shaved part of her hair to kick off 2012.
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We knew Ke$ha would look odd on the MTV Movie Awards red carpet. But she's glitter free!
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Kesha at a concert for Our Oceans hosted by Seth MacFarlane benefitting Oceana in 2015.
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Kesha Biography

Ke$ha in Toronto
Ke$ha has quickly become a global singing sensation. Her full name is Kesha Rose Sebert and she was born in Los Angeles. She was featured... More »
Los Angeles, California
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Kesha Rose Sebert