Flanked by pals Ken Paves and CaCee Cobb, Jessica Simpson meditates with monks. As part of her show The Price of Beauty, that is. Not just for fun.
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Jessica Simpson goes to Paris, France, as part of her new show The Price of Beauty. Ken Paves was with her, natch.
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This is a beautiful picture of Jessica Simpson and Ken Paves. It's just so nice to see them together.
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Jessica Simpson and her main man, Ken Paves, go out partying for the latter's birthday. Who knows why he brought her out of her cage, but hey, so be it.
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Jessica Simpson looks kind of rough here. We're just calling it like we see it, sorry.
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Ken Paves is Jessica Simpson's stylist and good friend. He managed to get her sad sack self out of the house to celebrate his birthday too.
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Are we wrong? The photo title you see above is exactly what's going on, at least from what we can tell.
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