Kelly Ripa on the black carpet for the Men In Black 3 premiere. Naturally she went with a little black dress.
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Kelly Ripa Twerks away in this Halloween pose. She's dressed as Miley Cyrus, of course.
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Kelly Ripa dresses here like Kim Kardashian. Michael Strahan, of course, is Kanye West.
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Don't buy these smiles, people! It seems as if Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan do not get along well at all.
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She's hard to recognize in this costume, but that's Kelly Ripa as a member of the Duck Dynasty crew.
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Kelly Ripa of Regis and Kelly caught without makeup. We think she still looks great but look at the rest of the gallery and decide for yourself
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Did Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan ever get along? Some sources say they only put on happy faces for the camera.
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Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were co-hosts for four years. But the latter then up and left his partner in 2016 for GMA.
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It's hard to see Kelly Ripa because she's so thin. But this reall the talk show host, attending the world premiere of Cadillac Records in New York City.
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Kelly Ripa makes a convincing Jesse Pinkman, doesn't she? And Michael Strahan isn't a bad Walter White.
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Kelly Ripa has a side of the story to tell. She opens up here to People about her riff with ABC and Michael Strahan.
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Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos have been married for over 14 years. That's very impressive in Hollywood!
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