Kelly Osbourne is big on often changing up her look. Do you like her with pink hair, folks?
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WOW! Looking amazing, Kelly Osbourne. The star flaunts her figure here in Cosmopolitan Body.
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Kelly Osbourne is not a big fan of Lady Gaga. She goes off on the singer inside this issue of Cosmo.
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Let's hand it to Kelly Osbourne, shall we? The former reality star has lost A LOT of weight.
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We're up close and personal with Kelly Osbourne for this Instagram-based selfie. Are you a fan of her purple hair?
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Kelly Osbourne lost a lot of weight. What a transformation.
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Against most odds, Kelly Osbourne advanced to the finals of Dancing with the Stars. She's seen here with partner Louis van Amstel.
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Rumors are circulating that Kelly Osbourne might pose naked in Playboy. Is this something you'd wanna see?
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Kelly Osbourne blows a kiss in this photo. Do you dig her purple hair?
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What do you think of this dress on Kelly Osbourne? She's seen here at the 2011 Grammy Awards.
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Kelly Osbourne covers this issue of Cosmopolitan Body. And looks darn good while doing so.
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Kelly Osbourne's hair. It's ... interesting.
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Kelly Osbourne Biography

Kelly Osbourne and Louis van Amstel
Kelly Osbourne rose to fame because her father is a drugged out rock star and her mother an attention-starved judge on America's Got... More »
London, England
Full Name
Kelly Michelle Lee Osbourne