Kelly Clarkson is performing in England in this concert pic. We're enormous fans of the singer.
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Kelly Clarkson smiles broadly while strolling down the street in this photo. We adore this singer.
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Kelly Clarkson looks a bit different than when the first American Idol debuted on the show. Do you think she looks better or worse?
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Kelly Clarkson performs here for the Presidential Inauguration. She did an amazing job.
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Kelly Clarkson receives a kiss here from her husband. She got married in a very small ceremony in October 2013.
Rating: 2.7 / 5.0
Kelly Clarkson at the 2009 American Music Awards. She looks good, doesn't she?
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Kelly Clarkson is the absolute best. This is a close-up from her appearance on Ellen.
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Kelly Clarkson wins everything! Look at her Game of Thrones-themed family Christmas card for 2015.
Rating: 1.6 / 5.0
Kelly Clarkson is the best. We're jealous of her upcoming child because it will have the singer as a mother.
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Kelly Clarkson is featured in the June 2012 issue of Redbook. She discusses her recent weight loss with the magazine.
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Kelly Clarkson is the best. She holds a CMA in this adorable photo.
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Kelly Clarkson sings live. She's the best.
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