Kelly Clarkson returns to the stage of the show that made her a star to perform live in early 2009. She still sounds great.
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It may not get any better than Kelly Clarkson in today's music business. She is just so talented!
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Kelly Clarkson donned this dress to the Presidential Inauguration. Do you like it?
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Kelly Clarkson at the 2013 Grammy Awards, giving a post-win shout-out!
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This adorable little girl is Kelly Clarkson's! River Rose really is wonderful.
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Kelly Clarkson takes to the mic in this photo. She's singing here in Australia during a free concert.
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We can't wait for "Catch My Breath." It's an upcoming single from Kelly Clarkson.
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Is Kelly Clarkson putting on weight? Does she just need to start wearing better clothes? Both? You tell us!
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Kelly Clarkson dropped 30 pounds! Check out her new body in Us Weekly.
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Belt it out, Kelly Clarkson! The singer cuts loose here during a concert in England.
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Give it up for Kelly Clarkson! The singer takes the stage here in Ireland.
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Brandon Blackstock poses here with his lovely fiancee. Her name is Kelly Clarkson.
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