Kelly Bensimon once posed naked in Playboy. Fortunately, she's at least donning a couple layers in this bikini photo.
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This photo of Kelly Bensimon was taken in early May 2010. She's enjoying a birthday weekend in Miami, Florida.
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Kelly Bensimon got wet and wild in Miami in May 2010. Would you have sex with this reality star?
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Kelly Bensimon will have another baby and will get married. That's what a psychic told this reality stay and she buys it.
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Kelly Bensimon has penned a new book. It really is titled "I Want to Make You Hot."
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Kelly Bensimon made her bones as a Real Housewife, part of the Bravo franchise. Will she ever return to the network that made her famous?
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Kelly Bensimon was filmed running in traffic in New York on 'The Real Housewives of New York.'
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Kelly Bensimon Biography

Playboy Tease
Kelly Bensimon is a reality star on The Real Housewives of New York City. She sometimes goes by her full name, Kelly Killoren Bensimon... More »
Rockford, Illinois
Full Name
Kelly Jean Killoren Bensimon