Kelly Bensimon always brings the crazy. But that's part of the reason why we heart her.
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Kelly Bensimon is a free agent. She says she's holding out for the best new reality TV deal. Any takers?
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Will we ever see Kelly Bensimon on reality TV again? We can only hope not.
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Kelly Bensimon is proud of her figure. She shows it off here in Shape Magazine.
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This is an example of a Kelly Bensimon photo from the March 2010 issue of Playboy. Is it hot or not?
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This isn't meant to be a tease. Kelly Bensimon really is naked on the cover of Playboy, just covered up.
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This is a quick look at Kelly Bensimon in Playboy. She's rumored to get even more naked inside that magazine.
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Kelly Bensimon is no longer a Real Housewife. What will she do next? We can totally wait to find out!
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She's covering herself up in this Playboy photo, but we assure you: Kelly Bensimon is naked under there.
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Please put it away, Kelly Bensimon! This Real Housewives flaunted her bikini body in Miami in May 2010.
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Kelly Bensimon shows off her bikini body in Miami. We'd put that thing away if we were her.
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Do you like ribs? If so, Real Housewife of New York City Kelly Bensimon is the perfect gal for you!
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Kelly Bensimon Biography

Playboy Tease
Kelly Bensimon is a reality star on The Real Housewives of New York City. She sometimes goes by her full name, Kelly Killoren Bensimon... More »
Rockford, Illinois
Full Name
Kelly Jean Killoren Bensimon