Keira Knightley poses for photos at the 'Therese Raquin' Broadway Opening Night event, held at Studio 54 in New York City on October 29th, 2015.
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Keira Knightley at the Comedy Theatre press night performance in London on the West End. The Pirates of the Caribbean star is dating former co-star Rupert Prince and says to prefer British men.
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Keira Knightley covers this issue of Allure. And, look, she isn't wearing a shirt!
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Keira Knightley is not wearing a shirt for this Allure magazine photo. She's very, very cute.
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Scarlett Johansson nude on the cover of Vanity Fair. That's Keira Knightley nude as well. Nice work VF!
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Keira Knightley is posing, mostly in the buff, for the latest issue of Interview Magazine. Why does she get naked so often? Because they ask and she says yes, the actress replies.
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Keira Knightley at the Elle Style Awards in London. Keira always looks good in everything, even an overcoat!
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Keira Knightley is engaged to James Righton! We know this because her rep said, "I can confirm that Keira Knightley is engaged to be married to James Righton."
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Keira Knightley posed topless in an issue of Interview Magazine in late 2014. She did it to rail against the use of Photoshop.
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Keira Knightley topless in Interview magazine. We have covered up those parts of the photo for obvious reasons.
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Keira Knightley poses here on behalf of Chanel. It's safe to say she makes an effective spokesperson.
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James Righton and Keira Knightley are married! Congratulations!
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