Keely Shaye Smith leaves a restaurant with husband Pierce Brosnan. This couple has come under fire on our site for Smith's weight, but we don't think it's an issue at all.
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Always a fan favorite, Keely Shaye Smith poses for the camera with husband Pierce Brosnan.
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Keely Shaye Smith is the wife of Pierce Brosnan. She has a full figure, as you can see here, but she's proud of it and won't reshape her body to satisfy society. We admire that, don't you?
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Keely Shaye Smith is - for some reason - a controversial figure. Pompous celebrity gossip followers have told the wife of Pierce Brosnon that she needs to lose weight.
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Keely Shaye Smith is the wife of Pierce Brosnan. That's her with her famous husband in the attached photograph. Smith has received... More »
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