Katy Perry is hot stuff. Of this there is little doubt. Look at the photo, though, for additional evidence.
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Katy Perry covers the new issue of GQ. She looks like this. We hate John Mayer so hard.
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Katy Perry is so freaking HOT and Twerking (sort of) in this amazing GIF. It's like she is mounting and going to town on an invisible John Mayer.
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Katy Perry covers GQ and looks so sexy, it's literally melting our computer screen.
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Katy Perry in nude, GIF form. That right there is just phenomenal stuff.
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Katy Perry and a whipped cream bra star in this GIF that doesn't conjure up any sexual thoughts whatsoever.
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Katy Perry looks tremendous on the cover of Esquire. To the surprise of no one at THG.
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Katy Perry in a bikini in Rolling Stone. That is what we're talking about.
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Katy Perry Biography

Katy Perry, Blonde Hair Photo Katy Perry kissed a girl and she liked it, ladies and gentlemen. Or at least she wrote a song with those lyrics. The Californa... More »
Santa Barbara, California
Full Name
Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson