Katrina Darrell rose to fame by wearing a bikini on American Idol. As you can see, not much has changed.
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Look at me! I'm Katrina Darrell and I look good in a bikini! Write a story about me! Please!
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The surf is up for Katrina Darrell. This former American Idol contestant is famous for one reason: her bikini body.
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For some reason, Katrina Darrell has convinced a photographer to follow her to the beach and help her extend her 15 minutes of bikini-based fame.
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Kara DioGuardi poses with former rival Katrina Darrell after the pair sang a duet during the American Idol finale. It was more awkward than entertaining, really.
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Here's a look at the outfit Katrina Darrell donned for her audition on American Idol. Criticize it all you want, but the gal moved on to Hollywood!
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Wow. Months later, Katrina Darrell is still posing for pictures in her bikini. We didn't even know she was still alive.
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Ryan Seacrest can't help but laugh, and Kara DioGuardi can't help but look embarrassed, after the judge sang a duet with Katrina Darrell. Kara then flashed her own bikini body.
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Katrina Darrell will do anything to stay in the news. And by "anything," we mean wearing a bikini very often.
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Just in time for the American Idol finale, Katrina Darrell got new boobs. Ryan Seacrest looks on as she accepts an award at the event.
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Katrina Darrell Biography

Bikini Girl
Katrina Darrell is gonna enjoy her 15 minutes of fame. This part-time model auditioned for season eight of American Idol... in a bikini!... More »
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Katrina Darrell