Katie Price's breasts are not small. Here they are coming out to say hello at a friend's birthday party.
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Katie Price and Peter Andre tie the knot in the classiest wedding attire ever. This one was truly built to last.
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Katie Price's shirt says it all. That's all she's after, and everything that's important in this world. Well, money too.
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Katie Price and Lucy Pinder seem to be very close. Always nice to have close friends in life, isn't it?
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Only Katie Price goes out to a club and has it end like this. Only Katie Price.
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Katie Price has one fashion concept: accentuate her cleavage!
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A nice Katie Price wedding pic. Peter Andre is one lucky man. Sort of.
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Seriously, Katie Price: why wear clothing at this point? That dress would scarcely cover a newborn.
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Katie Price Biography

Katie Price Nude
Katie Price is British model who is also known as "Jordan." We don't know why anyone calls Katie Price this, but we do know a few things... More »
Brighton, East Sussex, England
Full Name
Katrina Amy Alexandria Alexis Price