Katie Couric poses here with Demi Lovato. The latter appears on the former's talk show in September 2012.
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Matt Lauer and Katie Couric in a photo from the good ol' days. He still carries a torch for her, apparently.
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Jessica Simpson shows off her post-baby body on Katie Couric's new show.
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Katie Couric looking downright adorable at her senior prom.
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LeAnn Rimes and Katie Couric during a taping of the latter's talk show this week. Nice pic.
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Katie Couric is close to Ann Curry. How close? See for yourself, readers!
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Will you be tuning in for Katie Couric's talk show? It premieres in September of 2012.
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Katie Couric at the Benefit Cocktail Party to Support Women Battling Cancer. Katie looks extremely calm before taking the helm at CBS Evening News.
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