Kathy Griffin naked poolside. the comedian posed for photographer Tyler Shields.
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Kathy Griffin is an equal opportunity offender. We can give her that much. She'll insult anyone at any time.
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We never thought we'd say this, but Kathy Griffin is decent looking. Look at her in this bikini.
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Kathy Griffin poses here for tabloid OK!. We're impressed by her figure.
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Smile for the camera, Kathy Griffin! The comedian quit Fashion Police in March of 2015.
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Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston are getting married later this year. Okay, not really, not at all. But we would not be surprised if they staged that for publicity.
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Kathy Griffin has a hot body. But it did not come easily for her. Little has.
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Kathy Griffin poses in a bikini. What do you think of this selfie?
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It's safe to say Kathy Griffin isn't ashamed of her figure. Check out the comedian's Emmy dress.
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Kathy Griffin is topless in a new photo Tweeted by Anderson Cooper. Good times.
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Yes. That is Kathy Griffin and Levi Johnston at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards. We are as dumbfounded as you. Probably more so, even.
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Kathy Griffin at the Globes. Not sure why she was there, but she looks good.
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Kathy Griffin has made a career out of mocking other celebrities. She's a comedian that created the Emmy-winning show Kathy Griffin: My... More »
Oak Park, Illinois
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Kathy Griffin