Kate Upton dances in one of our all-time favorite GIFs.
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Kate Upton topless in a photograph we can't get enough of. These images are guaranteed to brighten your day. You are welcome.
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Kate Upton wears a bikini in zero gravity. We could watch this all day. And wish we were in that chamber with her.
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Kate Upton strips in the hottest GIF of all time. Or one of them anyway.
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Kate Upton taking off her shirt seductively. Great GIF, we'd say.
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Kate Upton in a bikini, in GIF form. Amazing, amazing GIF form.
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Kate Upton's ass, as posted on Twitter by Kate Upton herself, is really a thing of beauty. Gaze upon it now.
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Kate Upton is nude and twirling around on endless loop in the greatest GIF ever seen by humankind.
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Kate Upton models some underwear. Guys, we do what we can over here.
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Maxim has run this photo of Kate Upton. And all we need to say it: thank you, Maxim!!!
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Kate Upton looking gorgeous as ever in just a black bra. Works.
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Kate Upton emerges from the water all wet. Snorkeling is fun like that.
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Kate Upton Biography

Kate Upton Poster
Kate Upton is an model and actress known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue,first in 2011, when she was named... More »
St. Joseph, Michigan
Full Name
Kate Upton