Look at that Kate Middleton baby bump. This controversial photo will not sit well with the royals, but wow, she's cute.
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Is Kate Middleton being tormented by the Queen? Yes, if you somehow believe this tabloid story.
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Kate Middleton reportedly wants a baby for Christmas like real bad. Hard to blame her, they are pretty cute.
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Kate Middleton and Kim Kardashian are due the same day!!! OMG!!! Which baby are you most excited for?
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Star magazine must just be going for laughs at this point. But at least it's more topical than their usual Brangelina efforts.
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Some day, Kate Middleton and Prince William will probably get married. We hope it happens soon, so tabloids can stop inventing cover stories about it.
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Kate Middleton pregnant on the cover of Star Magazine. Spoiler alert, she's not actually preg.
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Kate Middleton is going to war with Queen Elizabeth II. Or so this cover expects us to believe.
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Kate Middleton Biography

Royally Pretty Girl
A celebrity gossip mainstay since at least 2006, Kate Middleton is Prince William's lady friend. These two dated off and on for many... More »
Reading, England
Full Name
Kate Middleton