Looks like Kate Middleton is wearing underwear. So that puts her a class above Britney and Paris already.
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Bikini shots of Kate Middleton in Se og Hør Magazine. They're the latest to publish the scandalous shots of the future queen.
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Prince William and Kate Middleton on their Asia trip in September 2012. Such a nice couple. Attractive, too.
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Kate Middleton and Prince William do their thing. Their thing being look cute.
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Is Kate Middleton too skinny for her own good? This cover of Life & Style certainly tries to press that issue.
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Kate Middleton is pregnant! Congratulations to the Duchess!
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Pippa Middleton and Kate Middleton both looking gorgeous as ever in a bikini photo from 2006. The sisters have some quality DNA.
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Wow. At the same time. That sounds rough. Good thing it's not true.
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Kate Middleton Biography

Royally Pretty Girl
A celebrity gossip mainstay since at least 2006, Kate Middleton is Prince William's lady friend. These two dated off and on for many... More »
Reading, England
Full Name
Kate Middleton