Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge visits the 'Vogue 100: A Century Of Style' exhibition at National Portrait Gallery on May 4, 2016 in London, England. The Duchess appears on the cover of the centenary issue in June 2016.
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The Duchess of Cambridge (in Emilia Wickstead) attends an evening reception to celebrate the work of The Art Room charity at the National Portrait Gallery in London on April 24th, 2013. Her Royal Highness is a patron of both the gallery and the charity.
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Kate Middleton and an artist's rendition of what she might look like with yellow, rotted teeth. Thank you, The New Republic, for that visual.
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Prince Harry, the Duchess of Cornwall and the Duchess of Cambridge attend the Trooping the Colour Ceremony on June 13, 2015 in London, England.
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Kate Middleton's baby bump - or the very beginnings of it - on display with royal offspring #2 in November 2014!
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A meme that imagines how the Duchess of Cambridge behaved one Christmas.
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Kate Middleton and Prince George on a play date in New Zealand, April 2014. Looking cute as ever!
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Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth II may look friendly here, but they are AT WAR, according to tabloids.
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Kate Middleton and Queen Elizabeth are engaged in a BLOOD FEUD (according to tabloids).
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A nice photo of Kate Middleton and Usain Bolt. Together at last.
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Kate Middleton has a Marilyn Monroe moment (sort of) in October 2014.
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Kate Middleton as the Mona Lisa in a painting that shows how insane the Royal Baby Watch is making people.
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A celebrity gossip mainstay since at least 2006, Kate Middleton is Prince William's lady friend. These two dated off and on for many... More »
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