What is the real story of Jon Gosselin and Kate Major (not Kate Gosselin)? We're not sure, but it probably involves Ed Hardy t-shirts, Bluetooths and contradictory statements. What a tool.
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Kate Major is crazy. This is one of her recent mug shots.
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Jon Gosselin and Kate Major hang out in the Hamptons with Jill Zarin (of The Real Housewives of New York City fame) and her husband Bobby. What a group of winners.
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Jon Gosselin's recent New York City date is Kate Major, senior reporter for Star magazine. You gotta love this man about down and his list of unattractive girlfriends.
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Michael Lohan and Kate Major are apparently an item now. That's about as bizarre as it gets.
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Dr. Drew and Kate Major rap about some things.
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Jon Gosselin and Kate Major make a seriously hot couple. Okay not really. We were just seeing if you were paying attention.
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Michael Lohan and Kate Major have an interesting relationship. Interesting and sometimes violent.
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Michael Lohan and Kate Major are a couple of strange peeps. She was Lindsay's assistant, then a reporter for Star, then dated Jon Gosselin, then got engaged to Michael, then says he beat her ass. Weird.
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Kate Major's mugshot from early 2012. Not to be confused with her other recent efforts.
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Kate Major looking pregnant and cute in a couple of photos taken by TMZ. Awesome work MiLo.
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Kate Major has been arrested for DUI after trying to drive away from a violent argument with Michael Lohan.
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Kate Major, Jon Gosselin
Kate Major was a reporter for Star. She resigned her impressive journalistic position in July 2009. She stepped down after being linked... More »
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