This Karlie Kloss hairstyle is a hot topic in the fashion world. Do you like it?
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Karlie Kloss and her BFF Taylor Swift share a warm embrace. It's okay, you can let your mind go there, we all are.
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Taylor Swift and Karlie Kloss cover the new issue of Vogue together. The magazine also pitted them against each other in a competition to find out who is the better best friend.
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Karlie Kloss, topless in Vogue UK. What a great photo of the Victoria's Secret model.
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Karlie Kloss, Victoria's Secret model, struts her stuff at the brand's 2012 Fashion Show. With a Native American headdress, obviously.
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Karlie Kloss wears a headdress reminiscent of Native Americans at the recent Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.
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Karlie Kloss nude. The Victoria's Secret model also looks good modeling zilch.
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Karlie Kloss looking hot in a leopard-print bikini. Nice work, Victoria's Secret.
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