This is Karissa Shannon. She is the ex-girlfriend of Hugh Hefner and current sex tape partner of Heidi Montag. Pretty solid resume.
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Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones III step out in Hollywood looking for some attention. And a nice meal.
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Karissa Shannon and Sam Jones III made a sex tape together. Shocking, we know. No way these two would do anything for publicity.
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Karissa Shannon may have done Heidi Montag on tape, but she's dating a man. His name is Sam Jones III - and this is him!
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With boyfriend Sam Jones looking on, Karissa Shannon kicks back and poses for the camera. Is there a sex tape out there starring these two? That's the rumor.
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This is just way too easy. In this photo, Karissa Shannon sucks on the remnants of boyfriend Sam Jones' milkshake.
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Karissa Shannon has confirmed it: she made a sex tape with Heidi Montag. This has to be one of the funniest stories of 2010.
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We know. We're as surprised as you to see Karissa Shannon in clothes.
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Karissa Shannon has a twin sister named Kristina. Together, they dated Hugh Hefner for awhile and got famous. Then, they moved out of the... More »
Ann Arbor, Michigan
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Karissa Shannon