Kari Ann Peniche continues to make poor decisions. The latest? She likely cheated on her husband and got pregnant.
Kari Ann Peniche in her famous Playboy spread. This got her stripped of her Miss Teen USA title. Way to go, Kari Ann!
Kari Ann Peniche is naked and flipping off the camera in this still photo from the Eric Dane sex tape. Talk about raw sexiness.
Eric Dane and Kari Ann Peniche relax after taking a lot of drugs and starting to film their sex tape. Don't worry, he wasn't cheating on Rebecca Gayheart - she was there as well.
Kari Ann Peniche is a Playboy model that was once engaged to Aaron Carter. She's now headed for reality TV rehab with Dr. Drew. Naturally.

Kari Ann Peniche Biography

Kari Ann Peniche Nude
Kari Ann Peniche is a beauty queen from Gresham, Oregon, who once held the Miss Teen USA title. She was stripped of that title after... More »
Gresham, Oregon
Full Name
Kari Ann Peniche